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New World of Discovery with Preschool Program is more than a simple family daycare, we are the place where we give good care and love to your little baby from two months to five year


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New World Of Discovery create opportunities to develop leadership,
teaching didactic activities with fun.

New World of Discovery was established in 2002 as a provider of childcare service, over the past years, New World of Discovery has been a strong leader within the childcare industry. We started in 2002 as a provider of childcare. From 2003 we started our preschool program. We have evolved into not only a high quality childcare establishment, but also as a preschool with a program that will enhance the educational development of your child as an individual.

Our Family Daycare is a much more than a place to go play…
New World of Discovery is a place where each game is the foundation of every

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NWOD is a very structured environment for children. Both of our boys had a good experience at this day care. They learned how to play with others and share. There was plenty of space inside and out to run and play freely. Sylvia is very dedicated to the pre-school and can tell this is something she enjoys doing. There hours are good and can be flexible if you need to leave early or stay a little late. I would recommend NWOD to anyone.

Justin Leeper

I brought my son to NWODC from when he was 5 1/2 months old until he was almost a year and a half. I would have kept him there for a little longer but we moved out of the area. For a family home daycare, this is the best I’ve found. For an infant, it’s really great because they have a separate crib room where the babies nap separately from where the toddlers are. Sylvia is great and so are her assistants Tina and Christina. They are very nurturing and I had no problem leaving my son with them. They have a lot of kids in the home, which to me is a good and a bad thing. It was good because my son learned a lot from being around the older kids. The bad part is also that. However, that s just the nature of a large home daycare. I don t have any comments about how they fare out against traditional preschools for older toddlers other than the price can’t be beat. If I had another kid and lived in the area, I would definitely take my infant to NWODC again.


Silvia and company is the best! My son was under her care from 6 months old to kindergarten. This is not just a regular child care! It is also a preschool. The new things he learned there were plentiful and she prepared him well to start kindergarten. We liked NWOD so much, I drove him there from Brentwood to Concord even though I did not work in Concord anymore. Keep up the good work, Silvia! You are the best....


Silvia and her team are so loving and caring. I am glad to have found a place where my 10 months old enjoys the company of other babies, toddlers, and also preschoolers. New World of Discovery has a wonderful way of enriching children development and language skills. Speaking Spanish as second language is just a few things of what they do. Arts and crafts as well as splashing outside in the water on a warm day have made my son very happy. Thank you Silvia, Lisa


Created on 04/06/11 I have been looking for a GOOD daycare i can trust. My son is only 21 months and icouldnt seem to find the right daycare in forever. I finally came across New world of Discovery and i took a tour and i was left Amazed. Sylvia REALLY care abouth these little kids. She had me sit down and showed me all the activities and homework along with craft art that the kids enjoy doing. She showed me work of a 2yrd old and my jaw droped. WOWWWW it really made me feel like i have to get my son in ASAP. these little kids seem like Geniuses hahahaha. Her whole house is beautiful and safety proof. Other daycares i've toured in or taken my son to only seems like they worry about the kids eating, sleeping and playing. But HERE its a totally different ball park. These kids are actually learning something. I could see right through sylvia that this is her passion. In the back yard she has a baby/toddler area very safe for the little ones and next to it are the swings and the bigger set of playground with a safety door. Behind that is a mini soccer area were the kids can grab a ball and kick around. let me tell you that Iam one picky mom when it comes to leaving my son at a daycare but i got to admit I LOVED IT HERE......


I was looking for a daycare and by chance found this reviews page about new world Created on 12/08/10 I was looking for a daycare and by chance found this reviews page about new world of discovery. The first time I enrolled my son in new world of discovery he was 2 years old in the year 2002. I noticed a few weeks after my son was attending in new world of discovery he was very happy to sing the songs he learned, he recognized letters numbers and colors ... now that I see the new photos of Sylvia’s daycare in her website and I am very happy that it has changed a very much and renew a lot all these years. Congratulations Sylvia! Ms. Sylvia I have to thank you for all the care and for what you taught my son, he is very good at school in Walnut Creek and continues with the same energy and happiness when he played sports and learned in your daycare. 🙂

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Ms. Sylvia is amazing! My daughter Gwyneth has been attending since October 1st, 2010. She is only 3 1/2 and in a very short time has already learned to spell her name, recognize letters, and is doing fantastic. I also appreciate Ms. Sylvia's attention to manners - the children are well behaved and Gwyneth is learning to say please, thank you, etc. The location is clean, warm and friendly. Both my husband and I are very proud that Gwyneth is at NWDCC - and Gwyneth absolutely loves it, her friends and Ms. Sylvia!


My husband and I are very impressed with what our child has learned at new world of discovery. The activities are great, Spanish class, music, toys, books, videos, letters, cards, storytelling, dancing, writing, playground activities, coloring arts and crafts. The place is full of colors, clean, safe and very peaceful.

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Hello Parents I'm a school teacher, my child was in New World of Discovery the last year and he enjoy a lot going to Silvia's daycare, is an amazing place with recreational and learning activities. this daycare offers a good preschool program, library, puzzles, toys, educative videos, kids dance music, story time, and a weekly theme to base activities around. The kids also do crafts and art projects. Thank you, Silvia, for your valuable time teaching and caring my son. I recommend this wonderful daycare!!!

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Hi there to the crew of New World Of Discovery: I hope you are keeping the good work; equally the same or better than you did with my son Nicholas. I cannot thank you enough, I will always keep you in my heart because my little one is growing and going through the good path thanks to you. When he started kindergarten my husband and I knew that he was advance in his learning (thanks to New World of Discovery) but we never predict that we were going to be called and offered to make Nicholas jump a grade; his teacher told us that he was bored with the kindergarten class activities and he could do them in a blink of an eye. Like you Silvia recommended me, I try to give him things to make his mind work. Thank you, Silvia, and her crew for giving Nicholas the opportunity to learn with the one on one attention that you can offer because of the low ratio you have; I never liked the ratio that other places have because they cannot afford to give one on one attention and the only thing they can do is to let them play all day and level them in their learning. I am so glad I found you 6 1/2 years ago.

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You guys do a great job! New World of Discovery always cares and teach new thing to my child. Keep up the good work!

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My child William is now four years old and really enjoys New World of Discovery, he say this daycare is so much more fun than the other one. Thank you Silvia I'm very happy because my child seems really happy there. William all time fondly talks about friends played with and activities participated... I recommend 100% Silvia's daycare 🙂

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I cannot thank you enough for taking care of our little Miguel during the day and teaching him all about the world around him. He loves going to your daycare in the morning and telling us all about his school adventures. This is the best daycare environment I have ever seen in concord area, Silvia really do care about the children and do your best to provide an educational and loving environment. I appreciate the hard work you put into planning each day.

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I made an appointment the last week and visit new world of discovery, I like how thorough and organized is Silvia, I have looked at over many home daycares in Concord and none of them have even come close to what you offer here. You are so involved with the children and really spend hands-on quality time with them. I recommend new world of discovery daycare with preschool program. 🙂

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My family has been so happy to be a part of New World of Discovery. The atmosphere is so homey and the staff approachable, friendly, nurturing. Our only child has been there since he was 3 months old. Silvia is more than flexible with us as we determined the best schedule for our child, one full day, two half days, etc., Fabulous daycare family!

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