About New World of Discovery

New World of Discovery was established in 2002 as a provider of childcare service, over the past years, New World of Discovery has been a strong leader within the childcare industry. We started in 2002 as a provider of childcare. From 2003 we started our preschool program. We have evolved into not only a high quality childcare establishment, but also as a preschool with a program that will enhance the educational development of your child as an individual.

Our Family Daycare

Our Family Daycare is a much more than a place to go play…
New World of Discovery is a place where each game is the foundation of every apprenticeship, through them, children could experiment, discover and know about the world, encouraging themselves to make believe, talk with each other, implement other languages that they cannot express with words, feel in a world of fantasy that everything is possible.

With the babies and youngest children we work motivating them with them with music, educational games and reading. At two years we integrate the child to learn languages, reading, writing, general culture and introduction to the computer class.