Specialized Programs

New World of Discovery offers a variety of didactic educational programs designed specifically to meet the needs of your child, helping your child be prepared to overcome the obstacles and challenges of their future.

Many Activities

Throughout the year and as a part of our activities we encourage the children to participate in our workshop where they learn to work as a team and learn to make pasta, cakes and much more; we also encourage children to develop their fine motor skills through many activities.

Featured Programs

Infant Program

New World of Discovery provides personalized attention exclusively to each baby, our warm and loving care are necessary for the health and development of your baby. Our responsible and caring staff uses safe toys for babies, educational books and music to stimulate the natural curiosity and development of your baby.

Toddler Program

In New World of Discovery, we know that children learn to think and reason through their experiences and actions. with our daily routines children learn to identify a problem, solve problems, learn different commands, and understand different languages, making children discover a new world of learning. Our colorful environment, safe and warm welcoming allows children to learn and develop their creativity.

Pre-school Program

New World of Discovery believes in the strength and capacity of each child, we study the way in which they operate and understand their world. For this reason we offer a didactic Preschool Program in an environment where children can learn to make friends and share the fun of learning with other children.

we encourage children to discover in a excellent learning environment through various means helping them to their individual development, where every child will learn to build basic knowledge and new concepts, develop skills, attitudes and responsible actions.
You can be sure that your child will be seen by teachers that will keep them safe, loved and fed on their individual and unique learning ability.

Preschool Class Included:

  • Language.
  • Math.
  • Art.
  • Circle Time.
  • Didactic Blocks.
  • Music.
  • Develop Children's Motor Skills.
  • Physical Education.
  • Computers Class.
  • Free Play Time.
  • Bilingual Class English / Spanish.

New World of Discovery has a colorful and safe facility:

  • Learning classroom & Library
  • Big outdoor playground and safe area where children can slide, swing, run and climb.
  • Covered safe patio, where small children play; also used for every children when it is raining(windy days this area can't be use).
  • Grassy area where children can do their P.E. and explore.
  • Spacious indoor playroom, inside our family daycare is a place special desing made for children use, where they learn and can do quiet activities and other activities pretend play.